Monday, March 14, 2011


Ah it's been too long and I've made a lot of cupcakes since the last post. I've gotten lazy but I'm just going to post the pictures right away!!

Banana Pecan Cupcake: warm banana muffin with crunchy pecans!
Snickerdoodle Cupcake: just like the cookie but better! Definitely one of my favorites!
Streussel Cupcake: another one of my favories, it tastes just like a crumb cake! I'll definitely make this again!

Marble Cupcake: vanilla and chocolate cake garnished with powdered sugar. Simple but sweet!
Strawberry Cupcake: SO good! With the strawberries baked in to the cake, strawberry buttercream frosting and fresh strawberries for garnish, this one is for ALL strawberry lovers. YUM

Tres Leches Cupcake: made with 3 different types of milk for a very moist cake! 

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